New Born and Pediatric Intensive Care in Kolar

Vamshodaya advanced multispecality hospital has a contemporary Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) with state of the art, advanced equipment and infrastructure to manage sick and premature newborn. The consultants are highly trained and have qualified from some of the best institutions . They follow internationally benchmarked protocols and practice evidence based medicine. The nurses in the NICU have been specially trained to handle newborn and provide specialised care in a compassionate manner.

Pediatric Intensive Care in Kolar

When the baby is in the womb, breathing, nutrition, waste elimination and protection against infections, come from the mother. Immediately after birth the lungs, heart, kidneys, digestive system and liver and immunologic systems must start functioning independently. Some babies have difficulty transitioning, more so with the premature babies and those with birth defects or being born by a difficult delivery. Special care that is sophisticated and co-ordinated is available for managing the challenges these babies face.



Dr . Girija

MD ( Paediatrics ) , Fellowship in NEONATOLOGY) , Lead Consultant Neonatologist

Baby NewBorn Hospital in Kolar


Delivery factors

  • Fetal distress/ birth asphyxia

  • Abnormal presentation like breech

  • Meconium stained liquor

  • Cord around the neck

  • Forceps or caesarean delivery

  • Other birth injuries



Best Paediatric Intensive Care Hospital in Kolar


Baby factors

  • Baby born before 37 weeks or after 42 weeks

  • Birth weight less than 2500 gms or over 4 kgs

  • Small for gestational age

  • Resuscitation in delivery room

  • Birth defects

  • Respiratory distress (rapid breathing, grunting or apnoea)

  • Infection

  • Seizures

  • Low blood sugar

  • Need for extra oxygen or monitoring, IV or other medications

  • Need for blood transfusion

  • Neonatal jaundice needing phototherapy