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3 month old male child , a case of Lumbar meningocele . No hydrocephalus , developmental milestones are normal , no bladder and bowel incontinence . Mild hypertonia noted in lower limbs . Posterior approach repair and detethering of spinal cord is done. Regular physiotherapy of lower limbs has been advised. Succesfully operated, hoping for best possible outcome for the child.

Great multidisciplinary work by Neurosurgery team ( Dr Shylesh ) , Anaesthesia team( Dr Zaheer and DR Dash) and Paediatric team for pre op and post op care .

NOTE : Spinal dysraphism is the incomplete fusion of the neural arch, which can be seen as an occult or open neural tube defect. Meningoceles are a form of open neural tube defect and characterized by cystic dilatation of the meninges containing cerebrospinal fluid (CSF), without the involvement of neural tissue. These lesions are often benign and typically diagnosed at birth. Neurosurgical intervention is necessary in the early period.

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